Shilton CR3 ex with 7wt line

Greetings all, Has anyone used a shilton CR 3 with the 3ex spool? From what I understand this spool allows more backing and heavy line to be used to enable usage on anything up to a 7wt setup. Instead of having to buy new reels for my 7wt setup I am considering buying...

Submit Catch Returns

Hello to All, You will see that the Catch Return functionality has been added to the website, please use it and give your feedback. Here is just a quick rundown how to use it. You can also easily share your catches via e-mail or your favourite Facebook group. 3 Ways...

New to the fourm

Hi Guys, new to the forum just wana say 👋 I’m looking to take the family away next month but castle burn fully booked any other suggestions for trout lake and a bit of river action not to far from JHB.

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